Almost half of employers believe that the skills gap is growing, and have expressed a high level of concern over the skills shortage. With technology blending into many positions, companies in most business sectors are feeling the pressure of the skills gap.

Business need to adopt a methodology on identifying and addressing the skills gap and build a strategy in place to address it. By also considering the different routes to qualification, the need right now is to educate the industry on the technologies that are impacting businesses today.

Report suggests 6.6 million UK jobs will be displaced by 2030 and most of future tech jobs have not yet been created. There is an urgent need to ensure the next generation of IT talent have the skills to work with emerging technologies.

– McKinsey

Companies of all sizes need to attract build and retain diverse teams since, due the digital skills shortage, many companies can’t go through a digital transformation. People need training and solutions will come from listening to both the outputs that employers are seeking alongside asking career changers what they want.

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Services provided will focus on Learning & Development (L&D) and include workshops on E-Learning and Webinars.